September 18th- October 23,
11:30 am-12:30 pm at the 55 Activity Centre
Coffee Get Together: Drop-in Grief Group: Open to anyone, this group offers an opportunity to listen and to share grief experiences. Find the time for yourself and be supported as you continue to make the many difficult adjustments to life following  the loss of a loved one. 

November 5th- December 10th
Courage to Grieve: A community based program for those experiencing loss through death, co-facilitated by two individuals.  Registration is required.  The six week structured bereavement sessions are held in a safe, non-judgmental group environment where you can meet others having similar experiences, thoughts and feelings.  

November 30th
Memory Tree: A community event to remember your loved ones



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Volunteers Opportunities

There are many outlets for volunteer tendencies within our organization!

Do you have experience in journaling, are you good at public speaking, can you create power point presentations, are a musician or an artist, or do you want to join our lively fundraising team? There are many ways for individuals to make a difference within the Squamish Hospice Society.

Client Support Volunteers

  • One-to-One Companion Volunteers – Bereavement & Palliative
  • Hospital & Facility Visiting Volunteers
  • Experienced Support Group Facilitators

Society Support Volunteers

  • Board of Directors
  • Office Support Volunteers
  • Special Events & Fundraising Volunteers
  • Yard & Gardening Volunteers
  • Maintenance & Trades Volunteers

Professional Volunteers

  • Registered Clinical Counsellors
  • Educators / Trainers
  • Professional Services (marketing, fundraising, accounting, legal, etc.)

The art of hospice care is rooted in the individual’s personal journey. Palliative care can be practiced in many forms and settings. The recipients of hospice care and services might be patients in the hospital, patients in outpatient and community settings, or those living in residential care facilities. These individuals and their families are our reason for being. It is in their service that the hospice movement was born and continues to grow with your support.

Volunteer Certificate Course

All patient volunteers receive training in Hospice philosophy and care. The training typically takes place over two weekend and one evening. This comprehensive 30 hour training is  interactive and includes instruction and information sharing with hospice team members including the Palliative Care Physician, Palliative Care Coordinating Nurse, Living Through Loss Bereavement Facilitator and current volunteers sharing their own experiences in the role.  

To find out more about volunteer opportunities and the Certificate Course please contact Nicole Carothers - Squamish Hospice Society Administrator & Volunteer Coordinator at 604-567-2009 or email hospice.seatosky@vch.ca


We are grateful for individuals like you who wish to share their time, experience and themselves volunteering with Squamish Hospice Society. Giving in this way is a very unique and enriching experience.

Some of the benefits you can expect from being a visiting volunteer include:

  • Having the privilege of sharing ‘the journey’ with patients and their families,
  • Strengthening skills and abilities in communication, compassion, and caring,
  • Becoming a valued member of a dedicated and supportive interdisciplinary team,
  • Gaining deeper knowledge about life, death and bereavement,
  • Participating in respected volunteer training and regular learning opportunities.

If you become a non-clinical volunteer, the benefits you can expect are:

  • Being a valued member of one of our many enthusiastic teams devoted to supporting our work,
  • Sharing and enhancing your skills in administration, communication and social media, fundraising and events,
  • Gaining satisfaction of supporting our vision of quality end-of-life care for all,
  • Meeting new people and having fun.

How to Apply

To maintain the high quality of our volunteer program, we place a great deal of care and attention on volunteer intake, training and ongoing support.

If you are interested in any of our volunteer opportunities:

  1. Complete and submit a Volunteer Application .
  2. Meet with Hospice staff for a personal interview.

In addition, people interested in any of the clinical volunteer roles are required to:

  1. Request and submit a completed police check (at no cost).
  2. Successfully complete a 30 hour training course committing to attending all sessions. (*Please note there is a $65 training fee which includes meals & mandatory membership/insurance fee)
  3. Meet with Board Members for a post training interview.
  4. Comply with the Influenza Protection Policy:
    Staff and volunteers with patient/client contact are required to have a flu shot or wear a face mask while on duty during "flu season" (usually December - March).
  5. Commit to 12 months of volunteer service with Squamish Hospice Society.
  6. Attend ongoing opportunities for learning, enrichment, and support.

Thank you in advance for considering the Squamish Hospice Society as a place to donate your time and care.